Hardwipe v5.1.4 PC Software Free Download

Hardwipe is a little basic application that permits you to erase records more safely than basically discharging your Windows Recycle Bin.’

Hardwipe is the information disinfection toolset utilized by activists, columnists, IT professionals and anybody expecting to guarantee that disposed of, however touchy, data can never be recuperated by another person.

Main Functions Hardwipe 5.1.4

There are three main functions in Hardwipe.

  • You can wipe specific files
  • You can wipe a whole drive
  • You can clean your free hard drive space.

You can pick a high or low need, which will utilize pretty much framework assets, and pick which kind of information wiping you needs. You can play out a straightforward information randomizing wipe as far as possible up to a 35-pass cancellation, which is to a great degree secure.

(Hardwipe does what it claims, and is easy to use.)


  • Effectively wipe whole drives and portable gadgets.
  • Wipe singular documents or clean empty drive space of remnant information.
  • Right-click inside Windows Explorer for commands.
  • Clear the PC swap-file*.
  • Wipe the substance of the Recycle Bin*.
  • Proficient -It is quick in correlation than other information wiping softwares.
  • Smart utilization of cache allows your PC to stay responsive during lengthy disk operations.
  • Programmed PC shutdown when wiping is finished.
  • Bolsters every single significant data wiping plans, including GOST R 50739-95, DOD 5220.22-M, Schneier, and Gutmann.

 Hardwipe 5.1.4 PC software

Safety measures:

If your PC is shared and the typical log in has an Administrator right, know that Hardwipe can do some real harm if utilized maliciously or carelessly. A better option is just to introduce Hardwipe on a record that requires and Administrator sign in! This safe information cancellation project is not a cleaning application.


Hardwipe is the information disinfection toolset allows you to erase records more safely than other basic methods of using recycle bin. It provided you a trust of security. Because if you are security cognizant and need to ensure that records you erase stay erased and can’t be discovered again Hardwipe is for you. This can give you a bit of psyche if you are offering or toss out an old PC, which means nobody can look and old drive for individual information or records. Hardwipe does what it claims by utilizing its three main functions. It is easy to use and can delete data from the context menu.


Download and Source Page: www.hardwipe.com/download.html

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